Guns N’ Roses Boston 2002 album cover

As I mentioned previously, I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to organizing my music library.

That’s why I put together this album cover for Guns N’ Roses 2002 concert at the Fleet Center in Boston. The show is arguably the 2001-2002 line-up’s best performance including superior performances of the band’s choice cuts from “Chinese Democracy”.

For the project, I looked at the band’s branding in 2002 and wanted to refresh those pre-existing concepts by sticking with a colorful outline, Chinese inspired iconography, and Guns N’ Roses’ trademark dirty rock n’ roll style. I’m pretty happy with the result. To view the cover in full-size click the album cover link or the album booklet link! It’s so easy, easy!

These files are for personal use only! No selling, passing my work off as your own, or any other chicanery! The photo credit belongs to Kevin Kane for the great shot of Axl.



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